Dev Log 3

HEY it’s been a while, hasn’t it – well let’s just jump right into it. What have we been doing? Preparing for our alpha presentation. After some discussion and consideration towards the circumstances (AKA no room access) we decided to prepare our alpha to focus on the digital application portion of the game.

Alpha parts are as follows:

  • Dialogue system
  • UI elements
  • Interactive touch and code puzzles

These are to demonstrate that our digital tools are working and can now be assembled, sans the AR camera functions – which was planned for next semester (though I’ll probably end up playing around with it over the break). We have a temporary demo for android devices but you’ll need to allow us into download it (I don’t know, do you… TRUST US?).

During this process, well, I’m going to tell you how I assemble games and you should take that as, don’t do that. Because, don’t do what I do.

Basically, I hide problems. My form of programming is, as I’ve coined, duct tape programming. I can fix it – just not the standard way of doing it.

For example: instead of separating the UI, I used one image and I added invisible colliders on top. This is fine in the short term (no it’s not fine in the short term either)

In the long term however, when we decided to inevitably change our UI, that meant reassembling everything. (I did it the right way this time, by the way).

Anyway, we’re using Fungus for our dialogue system and it’s something that I have previous experience in which helps a lot when it comes to workflow and being aware of what we’re capable of doing. Most of this stuff is smooth sailing.

What’s not as smooth sailing is trying to connect Fungus to Vuforia, the development kit we’re using for the AR portions of the game. We didn’t plan for it in the alpha but I’m still playing around with it and, well, it’s Bumpy Sailing. It’s a work in progress, this one.

The Player’s Grubby Paws

Alright, I phrased it a little strongly there but because we’re using a tablet and from our own personal tests, it is incredibly easy to leave the app – something we want to prevent. Some potential solutions we’ve been playing with include:

  • Taping those areas off
    • Not sure if that would be effective
    • Would have to retape with every playthrough
  • 3D printing a custom case
    • That’s pricey – around $40  (but if worth it, it’s worth it)
  • Trusting the players
    • I do not trust them
    • I really do not
    • I guess we could playtest
  • Constructing a case out of cardboard
    • More of a preventative DON’T TOUCH measure
    • Might look cheap
    • Or bulky
    • I’ll prototype something
  • Modding an existing case
    • Some do not have camera access (weird)
    • How do you mod this (needs some reasearch)

Break Work

So over the break, I said I might play around with AR some more and that’s a huge might. I know what happens over break – and we’ve scheduled it as a break, so I made no promises. But if I’m feeling it, we’ll see.

What I will work on is developing the overarching narrative some more – it’s definitely important to the theme and the content of the game. Once that’s done, we can start writing and implementing dialogue into the game.

More Puzzles

And last but not least, I want to play around with puzzles we can hide in the digital application, such as within the options menu. Gotta brainstorm!


I leave you with an image of our current alpha


Dev Log 3

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