The Great Dog Delay

Alright so that was the plan when we were going to make a game about dogs. But we’re not anymore.

What happened? You might ask. Well, I’ll tell you.

So after some talk with our new advisor and some discussion (and heavy debate) between the two of us, we came to the conclusion that we could make this game outside of school. It’s within our capabilities. We can do it in our off time. It’s doable.

So why not do something that was a little more… outside of the box? Something that we wouldn’t be able to do quite that easily without the help of the school? Why not go somewhere incredibly ridiculous and stand out a little?

Well, for one, the primary reason why is because neither of us can program very well.

But it’s not like we’re incapable of learning, especially if it’s worth it, right? I’m always of the phrase that more work is not a reason not to avoid it. Hang on. I’ll quote myself right now.

More work is not a reason not to avoid it

Fish Song, 2016

Anyway. So we’ve decided to create a physical escape room with a digital counterpart. This might take a little bit to explain (it won’t) but I’ll try to break it down.

Regular escape rooms are rooms that people enter usually in groups and there are physical puzzles to solve that are usually of the logical/mathematical/riddle/physical nature. Ours seeks to do that in parallel.

As of right now, we’re looking forward to getting access to a physical room to gauge what is physically capable of us, fleshing out narrative, and proceeding with technical designs.

The Great Dog Delay

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